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Just to let you know. We’re all students and have part time jobs, so we have our hands full with work. If we scanlate one chapter a month, I’ll consider it a success.

If you want to see more Idejuu! releases (or want to scanlate any other manga, just need some help with QCing, proofreading, or a little cleaning training), you can apply for any position existing in the world of scanlations (raw provider, translator, cleaner, editor (redrawer), typesetter, QCer, proofreader, sponsor, mascot, webmaster). Every bit of help would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for all downloads, good to know someone actually read our release.

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Idejuu! v01 c01

Welcome to M&M’s Scanlations webpage!

We’re your average manga lovers with a little (unfortunately very little) time on our hands. Our translator is a fangirl of Idejuu! so after dropping off another scanlating group, I decided to give this series some love. The translator is a lazy ass (a nice one though) and I’m stuck between university and job, so don’t expect fast or regular releases (I can’t even promise there’ll be a second one).

We’ll see what the future brings, but for now just enjoy the first chapter of this great and fun manga!


Idejuu! v01 cover

I’m not sure what’s the most popular file host nowadays, so I uploaded it to the three I had an account on. If you’d like to see more links, just let me know.

MF ||  RS || MU

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